Recommended Products

List of current recommended manufacturers and products

Advice is to start off with a Radiomaster model - TX16S or Zorro. Do a couple of weeks of simulator training. Then consider a Mobula6 or Emax Tinyhawk as it will save you quite alot of money in repairs on bigger quads by being more proficient at flying. Then a self build - 4" or 5", probably 6S.

5" T-Motor or Xing motors. Both low failure rate, well manufactured, good performance. For 6S, 2207 1700-1900KV. For 4S 2207 2300-2550KV

4in1 - T-Motor,  Skystars and Hobbywing are all good brands. Avoid the cheaper brands as they will give you nothing but trouble.

Flight Controllers
For Fixed Wing - One of the Matek wing products. Matek has some of the best products and support out there. Highly recommended.

For Quads - stick with the Flight Controller included in the stack for beginners. Long term, you might move to Matek. T-motor,Skystars for quality.

5" Freestyle - Ethix S3 or Ethix S4 or Ethix S5 (Filming)

GNB -Pretty much as good as it gets. Tattu gets a mention too, their R-Lines are good but expensive.

One of the Radiomaster models - TX16S for classic design or Zorro. Probably stick with FrSKY compatibility but ELRS will be the one to go for shortly.

Long Range Radio
TBS Crossfire - The system with the least technical issues, good documentation and support. 

TBS Source One or Source One HD good choices.

Analogue or Digital
Tricky - probably digital. Analogue better for whoops and long range. Digital for everything else. HDZero system is good compromise between the two, good on whoops and on bigger quads. DJI for everything else.