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Radiomaster TX16S CNC Metal Hall Gimbal - Set

Radiomaster TX16S CNC Metal Hall Sensor Gimbal set - throttle + self centering.
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Radiomaster TX16S CNC Metal Hall Sensor Gimbal set featuring aviation grade Aluminium material, precision bearings, ergonomic stick ends and quad precision bearings for unparalleled stick feel. The gimbals can be adjusted from the front.

** This listing is for the Set of two - throttle and self centering **

Specifications (For single Gimbal):

- Product Description: Full CNC Gimbal
- Product model: AG01
- Sensing type: Hall
- Working voltage: DC 3.3V
- Linearity: Real time (No delay)
- Adjustable travel range: 38°—54°
- Adjustable mode: Yes
- Adjustable tension: Yes
- Quad bearing: Yes
- Temperature range: -20°c-85°c
- Size: 60*53*56mm
- Weight: 82g

** HOBBYRC is the Radiomaster UK repair agent. Be assured these are genuine parts backed by genuine spares should something go wrong **


- 1x Radiomaster TX16S CNC Hall Gimbal - Set of 2pcs (Throttle + Self centering)