Angelwing Micro Runt Kit

Angelwing Micro Runt Kit
Manufacturer: Angelwing Designs
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The Angelwing Micro Runt Kit is a 33.5" (850mm) span model plane with a typical flying weight of only 90g. The Runt is intended for light wind slope flying with lazy aerobatic potential

Quick and easy to build all balsa construction with localised plywood reinforcement.
Laser engraved cut lines where required for easy construction.
The Large Canopy is retained invisibly with a 0.4mm plywood tongue at the rear and a powerful double magnet catch at the front. Radio installation is a breeze due to the cavernous fuselage for a model of such diminutive stature. Even more space can be found beneath the banded on wings, giving multiple options for positioning of the Elevator servo and receiver. The elevator is driven directly with a near friction free lightweight pushrod comprising of a PTFE tube and 0.5mm Piano wire pushrod. The pushrod is buried within the hollow cored built up fin.
A pair of 2.5g / 3g Aileron servos can be fitted in the center section with simple external wire pushrods giving the options for aileron differential and flap options. Alternatively and for those feeling the need for a retro / traditional setup a single 4/5g aileron servo can be mounted centrally with the addition of torque rods (not supplied). The kit including lower wing sheeting for both twin servo and single servo options.

Kit Contents:
- Laser cut selected Balsa and Plywood parts
- PTFE / Wire Elevator pushrod
- 0.8mm Piano Wire Aileron pushrods
- Magnetic hold down Catch
- Carbon fibre wing band dowels
- Wing Plan

- 1x Angelwing Designs Micro Runt Kit