Angelwing Pug DLG Kit

Angelwing Designs Pug 2.1 DLG Kit
Manufacturer: Angelwing Designs
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The Angelwing designs Pug DLG wing kit retains the same dimensions and outlines - but we have refined the Pug to fly better, look better, to build better, to reduce sanding and totally revised the canopy hatch.

Our prototype weighs in at 91g ready to fly with a full decal set, and we just do not think it needs to be any lighter at all..

The most striking changes are:
(1) 1.5mm carbon rod trailing edge, this enhances the appearance, improves the wings overall strength and most importantly allows us to refine the wing section for even more efficient flight.
(2) Resin Printed Horizontal Stab mount, pushrod guides, canopy retainer and Wing hold down brackets. The wing hold downs encapsulate a 3mm steel nut and completely eliminate the requirement to manually drill, tap and harden the threads in the previously used plwood plates.
(3) Totally new canopy hatch, using a tongue lip at the front and a 6mm double magnet catch at the rear, eliminates the need for tape of flexing of the hatch to pop it on and off.

Kit Contains:
- Pre Printed Wing Plan

- Laser Cut Balsa and Plywood parts
- Carbon Fibre Rod leading edge
- Carbon Fibre Rod trailing edge
- Carbon Fibre Tube Boom
- Carbon Fibre Tube Spars
- Piano Wire Elevator and Rudder Pushrods
- SLA Printed Plastic parts
- Magnetic Canopy hatch components
- M3 Nylon Wing Bolts

Recommended hardware:
- Suits 2.5 - 3.3g Sub Micro Servos
- Micro 4 to 6ch RX
- RX battery round 15 to 25g (prototype uses a 2s 160mah Battery and Micro BEC)


- 1x Angelwing Designs Pug V2.1 DLG Kit (Orange Decals)