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Bat-Safe Medium LiPo Charging Box

The BAT-SAFE medium charging box helps you to charge and store LiPo batteries more safely.
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The BAT SAFE Charging box is simple solution to a dangerous issue by helping you charge your LiPo batteries more safely. This double-walled, insulated steel box with active flame arrestor will reduce the risk of a LiPo battery related fire. The flame arrestor helps filter any smoke and soot should a fire occur.

This model is the Medium version that lets you charge and store up to a 2pc 6S 5000mAH equivalent (222Wh) safely inside the BAT-SAFE Medium charging case.

** NOTE - This product helps but does not replace proper safe battery charging techniques. Please still use the normal level of caution and safety measures when charging batteries **


- Charging Space: 240*165*102mm
- Outer Dimensions: 305*230*178mm
- Weight: 1.85kg


- BAT-SAFE Medium LiPo Battery Charging Box

Battery Safety: Please take LiPo battery safety seriously, please see our safety sheet.