BetaFPV SuperP 14Ch ELRS Diversity Receiver

BetaFPV SuperP 14Ch ELRS Diversity Receiver. Available in 2.4GHz version
Manufacturer: BetaFPV

The BetaFPV SuperP 14CH Diversity Receiver has been designed not only for long-range flying but also for the application of fixed-wing, helicopters, RC cars, boats and etc. It has a TCXO oscillator, two antennas, dual receiver chains, Plug-N-Play port, supports 14 channels and has support for external sensors.

- Featuring 14 PWM channels, this receiver is suitable for different applications. It can drive up to 14 servos, allowing for more complex and precise control. In addition, an external sensor such as a barometer, current sensor, etc, is also supported.
- A true diversity receiver with two complete RF receiver chains (referring to dual SX1280/SX1281 or dual SX1276), based on the latest official ExprssLRS. It comes with ExpressLRS V3.3 firmware.
- Built in a TCXO (temperature-compensated crystal oscillator), it is shared by two RF chips for a super accurate clock source. It can withstand extreme temperatures with no fear of heat and cold, continuously outputting accurate frequency for long-range flight.
- Two antennas will create an omnidirectional signal for good signal transmission. Placing the antenna separately and vertically to get a better signal is recommended.
- With the support of the failsafe function, it is capable of protecting RC models from being out of control.
- Reserving a Type-C USB port, it is convenient for pilots to flash the firmware. The plug-and-play design makes it very easy and friendly to use.

- Item: BETAFPV SuperP 14CH Diversity Receiver | ELRS 2.4GHz/915MHz/868MHz

- MCU: ESP32 Pico D4 + 2*SX1280/SX1281 + 2*AT2401C (2.4GHz)
- MCU: ESP32 Pico D4 + 2*SX1276(915MHz/868MHz)
- Telemetry Power: 20dBm/100mW (2.4GHz), 17dBm/50mW (915MHz/868MHz)
- Frequency Bands: 2.4GHz ISM, 915MHz FCC/868M EU
- Rated Current: 180mA@5V (2.4GHz), 140mA@5V (915MHz/868MHz)
- Weight: 15.5g (2.4GHz), 15.8g (915MHz/868MHz)
- Default Firmware Version: ExpressLRS V3.3.0
- Serial Output Protocol: PWM, CRSF or SBUS
- Antenna: 2* IPEX MHF 1 Antenna
- Size: 46.9mm*32.7mm*14.6mm
- Voltage Detector Range: 1~6S
- Input Voltage: 3.5V~8.4V DC
- PWM Channel: 14 Channels
- Adapted RC Model Type: Multirotors, Fixed-wing aircraft, Helicopters, RC Cars, RC Boats and etc.

Available Versions:
- BetaFPV SuperP 14Ch ELRS Diversity Receiver (2.4GHz)


- 1x BetaFPV SuperP 14Ch ELRS Diversity Receiver
- Accessories (Antennas etc)

Picture of BetaFPV SuperP 14Ch ELRS Diversity Receiver (2.4GHz)
BetaFPV SuperP 14Ch ELRS Diversity Receiver (2.4GHz)
BetaFPV SuperP 14Ch ELRS Diversity Receiver - 2.4GHz version
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