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Flight Controller Accessories

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3M Self Adhesive Foam Pad

A small self adhesive foam pad ideal for accessories like GPS modules. These pads measure 40mm x 40mm x 3mm.

5V DC Piezo Buzzer

A simple 5V piezo buzzer for your Flight Controller to indicate low battery, arm warnings and more.

FETtec Mini 15A AIO

The FETtec ESC AIO is a 4in1 & FC combined. Rated at 15A and runs KISS software.

FETtec OSD Board

The FETtec KISS OSD Board is a graphical OSD for a FETtec or KISS flight controllers.

FETtec Race Wire 6 (2pcs)

The FETtec Race Wire features 6 RGB LEDS.

FETtec Spike Absorber

The FETtec Spike Absorber helps protected connected components from voltage spikes.

Matek Analog Pixel OSD

The Matek Analog Pixel OSD is a graphical OSD addon for flight controllers.

Matek Digital Airspeed Sensor

The Matek digital airspeed sensor provides a supported flight controller with an airspeed sensor reading.

Matek Digital Airspeed Sensor (UAVCAN)

The Matek Digital airspeed sensor (UAVCAN/DLVR version).

Matek GPS, Compass & Barometer Module (M8Q-CAN)

Matek GPS, Compass & Barometer Module (M8Q-CAN) version.

Matek GPS, Compass & Barometer Module (M9N-CAN)

The Matek GPS, Compass and Barometer airspeed sensor (M9N-CAN version)

Matek Optical Flow & Lidar Sensor

The new Matek optical flow & Lidar sensor works in conjunction to allow very accurate altitude and position hold.