Flywoo Firefly 1S DC16 Nano Baby Quad Walksnail

Flywoo Firefly 1S DC16 Nano Baby Quad Walksnail Avatar FPV whoop. FrSky & ELRS versions available.
Manufacturer: Flywoo


The Flywoo Firefly 1S DC16 Nano Baby V2 with Walksnail HD video system is a meticulously crafted micro drone that promises an unparalleled experience for enthusiasts. The DC16 has the popular deadcat frame style which pushes the props back out of view from the camera. With significant improvements in appearance, flight time, and power compared to its predecessor, the V1, this drone is truly a game-changer. Despite  increase in weight, the power has increased by an impressive 30%. The Firefly DC16 offers flexible flight, exceptional maneuverability, and higher speeds - perfect for an unforgettable drone flying adventure.

We designed a new canopy for the Firefly 1S Nano Baby V2 to reinforce camera protection and introduced a new bottom plate, resulting in a more sturdy and crash-resistant aircraft. The drone is also equipped with a competition-grade ROBO 1002 19800KV motor (a special gold-purple edition).

Additionally, this model features the innovative GOKU Versatile F411 VTX 1S AIO V2 to achieve the ultimate lightweight design without sacrificing performance. 


- Redesigned canopy with enhanced aesthetics and reinforced camera protection.
- The bottom plate is thicker and has extended motor protection corners, resulting in a more stable and durable quadcopter.
- Equipped with ROBO 1002 19800KV motor and 1608 3-bladed 40mm propellers, delivering a 30% increase in power, reduced noise, and enhanced flight stability
- Ultra-light GOKU Versatile F411 1S VTX AIO V2 with upgraded circuit board stability and a 250mw video transmitter, enabling an extended flight range.
- A30 plug supports a continuous current of 15A, providing greater power and longer flight times compared to the PH2.0 connector.
- New battery compartment design allows for easy replacement of batteries of different models.


- Model: Firefly 1S DC16 Nano baby quad Frame kit
- Motors: ROBO 1002 19800KV
- Stack: GOKU Versatile F411 VTX 1S 5A AIO V2.0
- Props: 1608 -3 Blade 40mm 1.5mm Shaft
- Camera: Walksnail Avatar HD Mini 1S Lite
- Weight: 33g
- Battery: Recommended 450mAh-750mAH HV A30 (4-7minutes flight time)

Available Versions (See below for purchase options):

FrSky Version:
- Compatible with a Radio featuring a 4in1 module or CC2500 module.

ELRS Version:
- ELRS - ELRS UART based receiver included 

** Please leave the stock ESC firmware on - don't try and upgrade it. Flywoo don't provide warranty for failed firmware updates **


- Flywoo Firefly 1S DC16 Nano Baby Quad Walksnail V2 (See below for versions available)
- Accessories

Picture of Flywoo Firefly 1S DC16 Nano Baby Quad Walksnail (FrSky)
Flywoo Firefly 1S DC16 Nano Baby Quad Walksnail (FrSky)
Flywoo Firefly 1S DC16 Nano Baby Quad Walksnail Avatar FPV whoop. FrSky receiver included - compatible with 4in1 multiprotocol module.
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