Foxeer Donut 5145 Toroidal Propellers - Teal

Foxeer Donut 5145 Toroidal Propellers - Teal
Manufacturer: Foxeer
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The Foxeer Donut 5145 Props are a new type of propellers that have a ring-shaped or toroidal design. They are inspired by the research of MIT's toroidal propellers, which aim to reduce noise without losing efficiency. They are made of pure PC material and have a 5mm hub diameter and a 6.5mm hub height.

The propellers have a size of 5.1 inch and a pitch of 4.5. They weigh 4.3g each and come in a set of 4 (2 CW and 2 CCW). 

The propellers are designed to provide more power at low throttle and a wider noise profile. They also have a smooth and stable performance, especially in windy conditions. They are suitable for both cinematic and freestyle flying, as well as racing.


- Size of Prop: 5.1 inch
- Pitch: 4.5
- Diameter of Hub: 5mm
- Material: Pure PC
- Height of Hub: 6.5mm
- Weight: 4.3g
- Quantity: 2 x CW 2 x CCW


- Foxeer Donut 5145 Toroidal Propellers - Teal