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Foxeer Toothless 2 Micro Camera (1.7mm) (Black)

Foxeer Toothless camera is 1.7mm lens 1200TVL micro camera.
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The Foxeer Toothless 2 cameras is a 1200TVL micro camera. The camera features a 1/2" sensor and 1.7mm lens that provides excellent quality video and us suitable for use at anytime of the day due to its larger sensor capturing more light. The camera supports camera control on supported flight controllers and also has a plugin OSD board. The camera angle can be switched between narrow and wide.


- 1/2" Sensor
- 1200TVL
- 1.7mm M12 Lens
- Sharp Clear Image/No Jello
- Voltage 3.8-16V DC
- 4:3 / 16:9 Switchable Screen
- 8.5g

- Foxeer Toothless 2 Micro 1.7mm
- Video Cable
- OSD board