FrSky Archer Plus SR6 Mini Receiver With Stabiliser

FrSky Archer Plus SR6 Mini Receiver With Stabiliser. Supports ACCESS/ACCST D16 protocol.
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The Archer Plus SR6 Mini stabilised receiver include some new features. Firstly an enhanced anti-RF-interference capability can offer a more solid and stable RF performance. These AP series receivers also with both ACCESS and ACCST D16 modes, where the RF protocol is smartly matched during the binding process on the radio. In ACCESS mode, these receivers not only feature OTA wireless firmware upgrades, increased range, and telemetry performance, they also support even more functions like configurable telemetry power and protocol switching ( S.Port / F.Port / FBUS ).

The AP Mini-series 6-channel receiver features a small form factor in lightweight. It is equipped with a 2.4G signal antenna. These receivers have 6 PWM signal output ports. By using the included servo connector adapter cable (includes 1mm to 1.25mm 3Pin conversion cable), they can flexibly meet different connectors of regular servos on the market offering multiple options for interface access.

Through the specific S.Port cable, the receivers can be easily connected to a transmitter with an S.Port for the firmware upgrade, or sensors for the telemetry. When the S.Port is set to FBUS mode through the ETHOS system, the setting features of all FBUS-capable devices in the link now can be directly configured through the ETHOS system using Lua script tools, and in FBUS mode, the receivers can output 24 signal channels in total.

The SR6 Mini & SR6 Mini-E receivers are gyro-stabilized receivers with a built-in 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer and feature multiple flight modes (Auto-level, Stabilization, Knife-Edge, etc.). The stabilization mode has been enhanced with 5 additional stabilization channels, providing pin mapping to each channel in the multiple flight modes.

Additionally, the SR6 Mini-E receiver integrates dual 5A brushed ESC function, and the speed control can be easily applied to the motors in connection.

(*Some features require the support of ACCESS and ETHOS.)

** 4in1 / Multiprotocol - supported only with firmware and above **

- Enhanced Anti-RF-Interference Capability with More Solid RF Performance
- Small and Lightweight
- 6 High-Precision PWM Output Channel Ports
- S.Port / F.Port / FBUS (Configurable via S.Port)
- Over-The-Air (OTA) FW update
- Smart-Matched ACCESS & ACCST D16 Modes
- Support Stabilization Function

- Dimension: 22×16×7mm (L×W×H)
- Weight: 2.8g
- Number of Channels: 6/24 Channels (6 PWM & 24 FBUS Channel Modes)
- Operating Voltage Range: 3.0-8.4V (1S-2S LiPo)
- (Please ensure that the receiver works within the voltage range that the connected servo is capable of.)
- Operating Current: 65mA@5V
- Maximum Current: 5A (5A ESC×2)
- Operating Range: >2km (Full range with telemetry) (*Range may vary based on local conditions.)
- Antenna Connector: IPEX1
- Compatibility: FrSky 2.4G ACCESS / ACCST D16 Capable Transmitters

- 1x FrSky Archer Plus SR6 Mini Receiver With Stabiliser