FrSky GPS ADV Sensor

FrSky GPS ADV Sensor - GPS module compatible with Smart Port and FBUS capable receivers
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The FrSky GPS ADV Sensor feeds variable directional information such as altitude, position, speed, and UTC time, which is displayed in real time on FrSky’s transmitter. This sensor will only work with the FrSky Smart Port or FBUS enabled receivers.

FrSky has enhanced the performance and capability of the original sensor line, resulting in the development of the new ADVANCE (ADV) series sensors. All ADV sensors fully support FBUS protocol and they are also S.Port compatible. With the FBUS protocol, the ADV sensors can be seamlessly paired with the FBUS capable receiver which further simplifies model builds.

The ADV series GPS sensor provides accurate time synchronization with GPS satellites, working with the integrated “Auto adjust from GPS” function into the ETHOS system, this ensures the radio and its telemetry are all in sync with an accurate time system, ensuring telemetry data is in sync with UTC time. The GPS sensor can also provide telemetry such as altitude, position, speed, etc, which can be read on the radio in real-time.

- Dimension: 45*20*10.4mm (L*W*H)

- Weight: 11g
- Operational Voltage: DC 4 -10V
- Current Draw: 40mA@5V
- Operating Temperature: -40℃~85℃
- Data Rate: 10Hz
- Time to Fix: 30s cold start
- Speed Accuracy: Approx 0.1m/s
- Sensitivity: -164dBm
- Antenna: Built-in patch
- Position Accuracy: Approx 2.5m CEP
- Operation Limits: Dynamics 4g / Altitude 50,000m / Velocity 500m/s
- Compatible with FBUS / S.Port protocol

- 1x FrSky GPS ADV Sensor