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Gemfan Flash 6042 Props - Black

The Gemfan flash 6042 3 blade props in black.
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The Gemfan Flash 6042 3 blade / tri-blade propeller is a lightweight prop allowing it to be used in more applications of drone flying. These applications include high speed flight, smooth turning performance, faster response times and for straight line speed. The inverse tip design helps to reduce the downwash of vortex amd induced drag on the blade tips during flight

This prop set comes in a Black colour and as a set of 4 props.


- Material: PC
- Length: 6"
- Pitch: 4.2"
- Weight: 6.45g
- Center Hole Dia: 5mm (POPO Compatible)


- Gemfan Flash Durable 3 blade props 6042 (Black) (2x CW, 2x CCW)