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Gemfan Hurricane 51466 Props - Clear Blue

Gemfan 51466 Hurricane tri blade in Clear Blue.
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The Gemfan 51466 Hurricane tri blade prop series was designed for agile flight at high speed with its incredibly low weight at just over 4g. This prop set comes in Clear Blue colour.

Compared to the Gemfan 51499 Hurricane, the 51466 has a smaller blade profile and excels in higher RPMs due to the lighter weight and smaller paddle width across the blade.


- Material: PC
- Length: 5.1"
- Pitch: 4.66"
- Weight: 4.13g
- Center Hole Dia: 5mm popo


- Gemfan Hurricane Durable 3 Blade 5.1" / 51466 Props (Clear Blue) (2x CW, 2x CCW)