GEPRC Triple Feed Patch Array 5.8GHz (SMA)

GEPRC Triple Feed Patch Array 5.8GHz (SMA) (LHCP/RHCP)
Manufacturer: GEPRC
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The GEPRC Triple Feed Patch Array Antenna is a unique antenna that has both RHCP and LHCP elements. The Triple Feed Patch Array antenna is a directional circularly polarized antenna based on the original Triple Feed Patch antenna. It uses an array of seven coupled patches, resulting in significantly higher gain. Since the beamwidth is rather narrow, this antenna is not recommended for general FPV, but for long range flight it performs very well.

- Good radiation efficiency. Most FR4 based patches are very efficient because FR4 is very lossy at 5.8 GHz. Also, most array antennas have higher losses in the feed network. The design uses coupling patches to keep the feed network simple and reduce these losses.
- Very good axial ratio, not only directly perpendicular to the patch but also eccentric.
- High gain, but not higher than theoretical gain for an array with 7 elements. This is because maximizing gain results in high side lobes and poor axial ratio.
- Very low side lobes, almost all the energy is concentrated on the main lobe. This increases the width of the main lobe, but adds some gain.


- GEPRC Triple Feed Patch Array 5.8GHz (SMA) (LHCP/RHCP)