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GPS Modules

GPS Modules are used for real-time telemetry data, waypoint flight and return to home functionality.

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Beitian BN-880 GPS & Compass Module

Beitian BN-880 GPS module with integrated IC HMC5883l I2C compass module.

HGLRC Neo-M8N M8M Ublox 8 Tiny GPS and GLONASS Receiver Module For iNAV

Connect this GPS module to your Flight Controller so you'll have GPS reception.

Tarot Plug In GPS Mount / Stalk

This plug-in GPS mount allows you to position your GPS module away from sources of radio interference and also un-plug the stalk to save space when transporting/storing your multirotor.

TBS Core Pro GPS/Compass Module

The TBS Core Pro GPS/Compass Unit will provide GPS capability to the TBS Core Pro, as well as serve as a GPS input for the TBS BlackBox.