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Hobbywing XRotor F7 FC / 60A Stack

The Hobbywing XRotor F7 Flight Controller and 60A 4in1 ESC stack.
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The Hobbywing XRotor F7 Flight Controller and ESC stack features an ultra fast F7 MCU and a ICM20602 Gyro. The 4in1 ESC is rated at 60A and connects directly to the flight controller with the included cable. The flight controller is compatible with analogue and DJI digital FPV video systems. The FC includes a 5V BEC and a 12V BEC and for analogue video supports an on-board pit switch.

FC Features:
- Fast F7 MCU

- ICM20602 Gyro
- Integrated Analogue OSD
- Compatible with DJI HD Video System
- On-board Flash Memory
- On-board 5V / 12V Dual BEC Circuit
- On-board Pit Switch Module
- Vibration Isolated Design / Shock Absorption Structure
- Matches perfectly with Hobbywing ESC

60A 4in1 Features:
- Highly Integrated & Compact

- High-quality Components
- BLHeli_32 Firmware Ready
- DShot150/300/600/1200 Ready
- Hardware Generated PWM & Damped Light Mode

FC Specifications:

- FC Programming: Supported
- Programming via: Betaflight/Cleanflight-configurator
- Compatible with (Modes): PWM, Oneshot125, Oneshot42, Multishot, Dshot150, Dshot300, Dshot600, Proshot1000
- Compatible with (transmitters) PPM, Spektrum, SBUS, SUMD, SUMH, XBUS, JETIEXBUS, CRSF, SRXL
- OSD: Built In
- Voltage Monitoring: Supported
- Current Monitoring: Supported#
- External Buzzer: Supported
- LED Control: Supported
- BEC: 5V / 1.5A; 10V / 1.5A
- USB Port: MicroUSB

- Size: 32x32mm
- Weight: ~3.3g(+/-5%)

4in1 ESC Specifications:
- XRotor Micro 60A 4in1 ESC BLHeli_32

- Continuous/Peak Current: 60x4 / 80Ax4
- Size: 30.5x30.5mm mounting
- Lipo Cells: 3-6S
- Bec Output: 5V 0.6A
- Input Wires: Red-12AWG-130mm / Black-12AWG-130mm
- Output Wires: No wires but solder tabs
- Firmware: BLHeli_32
- Weight: 15g

- Hobbywing XRotor F7 Convertible Flight Controller

- Hobbywing XRotor 60A 4in1 ESC
- Accesories