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iFlight XING2 2207 1855KV Motor

iFlight XING2 2207 1855KV Motor, ideal for 6S 5" builds.
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The iFlight Xing2 motors feature new centre slotted N52H curved arc magnets which dramatically reduce the response time of the motors. Simultaneously the air gap between the magnet and stator was reduce which leads to more efficiency and higher power output.

This motor is rated at 1855KV and is an ideal match for a 6S, 5" quad.


- 5mm titanium alloy shaft, our strongest prop shaft ever!

- Crash resistant 7075 aluminum bell
- Smooth and long-lasting NSK 9x4x4 bearings
- Center slotted N52H curved arc magnets
- XING O-ring bearing gap protection
- Motor wires protector
- Dynamically balanced


- Model: XING2 2207
- KV: 1855KV
- Version: CW Screw Thread
- Input Voltage: 4S/6S Lipo
- Configuration: 12N14P
- Stator Diameter: 22mm
- Stator Length: 7mm
- Weight: 31.6g with short wire
- Wire length: 20AWG 160mm
- Mounting pattern: 16*16mm



- 1x XING2 2207 Brushless Motor (KV is optional)
- 4x m3*6 screws
- 1x M5 Flanged Nylon Insert Lock Nut