ImmersionRC Ghost Lite TX Module

The ImmersionRC Ghost lite TX radio module is designed as the ultimate 2.4GHz radio module.
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The ImmersionRC Ghost Lite radio system is designed as the ultimate 2.4GHz module for radios with the Lite module slot. The system runs is capable of both short range low latency (222.22Hz Pure race) and long range capabilities (10s KM).

** This is the "lite" module, check you don't need the JR bay version for your radio **

- Frequency Range : 2406 - 2479MHz
- Modulation: Chirp Spread Spectrum + Adaptive FHSS
- Binding: Bidirectional with confirmation and protocol negociation
- RF Profiles: Race, Pure Race, ‘Normal’, and Long Range, more to come
- Uplink Tx Power: 16uW - 350mW (+/- 0.5dB) 3
- Frame Rate: 250Hz (purerace), 166Hz (race), 62Hz (normal), 15Hz (long range)
- Format: Standard 'Lite' Module:, tested with FrSky XLite™, and FrSky X9 Lite radios
- Serial Formats: SBus, GHST, Auto-sense
- OpenTx support: 2.3.11 release, or 'high performance' synced version of 2.3.11
- Firmware: USB Upgradable(with OTA updates for receivers)
- Power Supply: 6V-20V, 1.75W @ 350mW, ~250mA at 7.4V

IRC Ghost is PFQ (Pretty... Quick)
Choose from several modes of operation in your Ghost Transmitter. The slowest of the two Race modes runs at 160Hz frame rate, while the fastest ‘Pure Race’ rate opens the throttle to 222.22Hz frame rate.
OpenTx to Flight Controller latency is expected to run below 4ms
Can racers feel this? good question to ask… but maybe a better question is whether you want to race against a pilot which is using it…

2.4GHz And Long Range Capabilities
ImmersionRC is setting a new standard with its Ghost system serving both the needs of Long Range pilots, Freestylers, and Racers.
Easily achieve ranges of 10s of km with equipment light enough, and antennas compact enough, to perfectly accompany your Nano Goblin™ into the neighboring country.
Since 2.4GHz antennas are relatively small, a directional antenna on the transmitter can easily double the expected range.


1x ImmersionRC Ghost Lite TX Module