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ImmersionRC Ghost / Tramp Hybrid UNO V2

The ImmersionRC Ghost / Tramp Hybrid VTX and receiver.
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The ImmersionRC Ghost / Tramp Hybrid (20mm x 20mm/ 25.5mm x 25.5mm mount) is a perfect fusion of a Long Range/Low Latency Ghost Receiver  and a Tramp Nano Video Transmitter. 

Current stock is V2.


- 20x20 mounting / 25.5mm mounting
- single sided, with included gummies, for extremely low profile mounting
- Only 2.2g, perfect for the popular sub-250g class
- Extreme Range AND Low Latency
- 500Hz R/C Link Updates (1kHz ready)
- 2.4GHz Lora OR FLRC control modes, for the best performance in any environment
- Integrated 5.8GHz 25mW - 600mW Video Transmitter
- All 48 standard channels
- Thermally Regulated, Factory Calibrated


1x ImmersionRC Ghost / Tramp Hybrid VTX / RX
1x qTee Antenna
1x u.FL to SMA