Lefei U7 GPS Module For Sparrow Stabiliser

Lefei U7 GPS Module For Sparrow Stabiliser
Manufacturer: Le Fei
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The LeFei U7 GPS Module is a compact, high-performance navigation and positioning solution designed for seamless integration with the LeFei Sparrow V3 Pro and V2 Pro flight controllers. This advanced module utilizes the cutting-edge GT-U7 GPS receiver, ensuring precise and reliable satellite positioning for your RC aircraft.

The LeFei U7 GPS Module is the perfect addition to your LeFei Sparrow V3 Pro or V2 Pro flight controller, enabling advanced features such as return-to-home, waypoint navigation, and telemetry. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to mount on a wide range of RC aircraft, from small drones to larger fixed-wing planes.

- Utilizes the state-of-the-art GT-U7 GPS receiver for exceptional accuracy
- Compact size (22 x 20 x 7mm) and lightweight design (6g) for easy integration
- Operates on 5V power supply, making it compatible with most RC setups
- Supports multiple satellite navigation systems for global coverage
- High sensitivity and low power consumption for optimal performance
- Rapid positioning and minimal static drift, even in challenging environments
- Plug-and-play compatibility with LeFei Sparrow V3 Pro and V2 Pro flight controllers

- Dimensions: 22 x 20 x 7mm
- Weight: 6g
- Operating Voltage: 5V
- Receiver: GT-U7
- Sensitivity: High
- Power Consumption: Low
- Positioning Speed: Fast
- Static Drift: Minimal

- 1x Lefei U7 GPS Module