Matek CANPDB W/ 4A BEC & JST-GH Splitter

Matek CANPDB W/ 4A BEC & JST-GH Splitter
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The Matek CANPDB w/ 4A BEC & JST-GH Splitter is a versatile and powerful power distribution board designed for use in a wide range of RC applications, including drones, robotics, and other electronic projects. This compact board offers an efficient solution for managing power distribution and CAN bus communication in a single, easy-to-use package.

One of the key features of the CANPDB is its wide operating input range, which spans from 6V to 55V (2S-12S Li-xx batteries), making it compatible with a variety of power sources. The board provides a stable 5.2V output on the "5V" pin and pads, ensuring reliable power supply to your connected devices.

The CANPDB supports a total continuous load current of 4A, with each of the four JST-GH ports capable of handling up to 1A. This allows you to power multiple devices simultaneously, such as servos, receivers, and other peripherals. The board boasts a maximum duty cycle of 100%, and when the input voltage is lower than the set value, the regulator output voltage matches the input voltage.

Designed with user safety in mind, the CANPDB features short-circuit protection for up to 3 seconds, although it does not offer protection against reversed input polarity. The board includes 5 CAN-H/CAN-L pins connected in parallel, enabling efficient CAN bus communication between devices. The CAN ports utilize JST-GH 4-pin (SM04B-GHS-TB) connectors, ensuring secure and reliable connections.

With its compact dimensions of 38 x 26 x 7.8mm and a weight of only 12g, the Matek CANPDB w/ 4A BEC & JST-GH Splitter is an ideal choice for projects where space and weight are at a premium. The package includes the CANPDB-4A board and a 20cm JST-GH-4P to JST-GH-4P silicone wire, providing everything you need to get started with your power distribution and CAN bus setup.

- 6V to 55V Operating Input Range(2S-12S Li-xx)
- 5.2V output on ā€œ5Vā€ pin/pads
- Support total 4A Continuous load current. 1A for each JST-GH port
- Maximum Duty Cycle: 100%,   when input voltage< setting value,  Regulator output voltage = Input voltage
- No protection for reversed input polarity
- Output Short-circuit tolerant (3 seconds)
- 5x CAN-H/CAN-L are in parallel
- CAN port connector: JST-GH 4pin(SM04B-GHS-TB)
- Size & Weight: 38 x 26 x 7.8mm, 12g
- Packing: 1x CANPDB-4A,   1x JST-GH-4P to JST-GH-4P 20cm silicon wire

- 1x Matek CANPDB W/ 4A BEC & JST-GH Splitter