Matek CRSF To 10Ch PWM Converter

The Matek CRSF 10 channel PWM breakout board with current sensor.
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The Matek CRSF 10 channel breakout/converter board is designed to accept a CRSF (Crossfire protocol) signal and allow 10 PWM (e.g servos, ESC) devices to be connected. In addition the board features configurable PWM frequency output, onboard 90A current sensor input and failsafe settings. The onboard current sensor values are included in the CRSF telemetry and sent to the connected transmitter. The board also features 2x uarts to allow for connection of a GPS receiver (NMEA output), which then transmits the coordinates along with the Crossfire Telemetry. The board does NOT include a 5V regulator so is designed to be powered from 5V source (e.g output from ESC or external BEC).

** Image shows pins soldered (board is provided unsoldered but with pins) **


- Compatible with CRSF protocol receiver only
- Support any CRSF protocol receivers(including 433MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz, 2.4GHz)
- 10x PWM outputs
- PWM frequency configurable (50Hz default, 100,160,330, 400Hz)
- 2x UARTs (for Receiver and GPS)
- Telemetry ID: RxBt, Curr, Capa, Bat%, GPS, GSpd, Hdg, Alt, Sats
- 36V Max. battery voltage sense (1K:10K voltage divider built-in)
- Current sensor built-in (90A continuous /220A Peak), current scale = 150 by default
- Vbat and Current sensor scale configurable
- Failsafe value auto set
- Firmware upgradeable
- Rated voltage: 4~9V @5V pad, 0~36V @BAT+
- No 5V regulator built-in
- 26mm x 26mm, 2.8g
- Packing: 1x CRSF-PWM-C, 1x low ESR capacitor, Dupont 2.54 pins

- Failsafe value is set automatically after CRSF-PWM board is powered on and receive CRSF signal. LED blinks 8 times quickly.
- Failsafe value = The PWM value of each channel(except CH3) when CRSF signal is received by CRSF-PWM board for the first time
- CH3 is specially arranged for the throttle, Failsafe value = 988 by default.
- Usually put the Throttle joystick to the lowest point, put AIL(Roll), ELE(Pitch), RUD(Yaw) middle before powering on receiver.

LED status
- slow blinks: CRSF-PWM board doesn’t receive CRSF signal, e.g., receiver is not bound with transmitter, receiver is not connected to UART1 of CRSF-PWM board.
- 8x quick blinks: CRSF-PWM board received CRSF signal and failsafe value is saved.
solid ON: CRSF-PWM board and receiver are working normally
- 2x slow blinks between 8x fast blink and solid on: CLI mode is active

GPS telemetry
- Compatible with GPS NMEA protocol
- GPS “TX” to CRSF-PWM board “RX” Single wire half duplex UART connection, CRSF-PWM board “TX” to GPS “RX” is not essential.
- Support GPS Telemetry ID: GPS, GSpd, Hdg, Alt, Sats
- u-blox series GPS can output “0+1 – UBX+NMEA” protocol by default
- Sensors(GPS, GSpd, Hdg, Alt, Sats) will blink in Transmitter TELEMETRY tab once CRSF-PWM board has connection with GPS.
- Troubleshooting for no GPS telemetry, double check the wiring between GPS and CRSF-PWM board, some u-blox GPS may don’t output NMEA protcol, you need to be reverted GPS to default configuration in u-center.
with OpenTX Telemetry Logging, You can plot your flight path or search the lost plane.


- 1x Matek CRSF-PWM-C - 10 channel CRSF breakout (Unsoldered) with onboard current sensor
- Dupont Pins
- Capacitor