Matek I2C-INA-BM I2C Power Monitor

Matek I2C-INA-BM I2C Power Monitor
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The Matek I2C-INA-BM I2C Power Monitor is a highly accurate and versatile power monitoring solution designed for a wide range of applications, including drones, robotics, and other electronic projects. This compact module offers precise current, voltage, and power measurements, making it an essential tool for optimising power consumption and ensuring system stability.

One of the key features of the I2C-INA-BM is its ultra-precise current sensing capability, with a maximum measurable current of 204A. 

The I2C-INA-BM also offers voltage monitoring, with a maximum measurable voltage of 85V.

Communication with the I2C-INA-BM is made simple through the I2C interface, which allows for easy integration with microcontrollers and other devices. The module's address can be selected using the onboard jumper, providing flexibility in multi-device setups.

- INA228 85-V, 20-Bit, Ultra-Precise Power monitor IC With I2C Interface
- Battery Voltage sense input: 0~85V
- Current Sense Range:  0~204.8A
- Load current on current sensing resistor:  150A(Continuous),  204.8A(Burst)
- Voltage accuracy: ± 0.1%
- Current accuracy: ± 2%
- Interface: I2C  (Decimalism Address 69 by default, 68 and 65 options)
- Power supply for I2C-INA-BM board : 4~9V  @5V pad/pin
- Power consumption: 1mA
- LED Red, 3.3V indicator
- Operating Temperatures: -40~125 °C

- 1x Matek I2C-INA-BM I2C Power Monitor
- Accessories