Matek Voltage Spike Filter

The Matek Voltage Spike Filter, upto 6S.
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The Matek Voltage Spike filters supress voltage spikes when plugging a battery into your quad or model. This helps prolong component life and reduce random failures. They are rated upto 6S and come as a pack of 5. XT60 connector not uncluded.


- 2x high-power TVS diodes and 1x 470uF low ESR capacitor on board
- TVS can absorb huge voltage surge at the moment of plugging battery to protect the connected components.
- Low ESR capacitor will reduce the voltage spikes and ripple caused by ESC.
- Maximum Operating Voltage: 28V (6S LiPo)
- Packing: 5x PCB w/TVS, 5x 470uF Rubycon ZLH series electrolytic capacitor.


5x Matek Voltage Spike Filter PCB w/TVS
5x 470uF Capacitors