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ETHIX Goggle Strap

The ETHIX Goggle Strap is the result of years of using different straps and finding all the pros and cons of the seemingly simple product.

ETHIX Neck Strap / Lanyard

The ETHIX Neck Strap / lanyard is designed to be the best all round neck strap on the market

ETHIX Prop Organiser

The ETHIX prop organiser bag is the perfect accessory for those of us used to carrying a huge bag of mixed packs of 4 individually packaged props.

HobbyRC Transmitter Lanyard

The HobbyRC Transmitter Lanyard strap sits nicely around your neck taking strain off your wrists and allowing you to fly for longer without discomfort.


Your throne for FPV out in the field, take a load off your feet and enjoy the moment.


A nice, clean, stable surface for keeping your expensive gear off the ground and sidewalk.

TBS Mr Steele Earbud

The TBS Mr Steele Earbud is a custom designed earbud that will help you take the connection with you quad to the next level.


Just like other TBS products, this pen is no bs, you can write stuff with it and it writes well.

TBS Wallet

The official TBS Card & Note Wallet, made out of premium materials. Shipped in a presentation box.

Torvol Lipo Safe Pouch

The Torvol LiPo safe pouch allows you to keep your LiPo’s organized and safe.

Torvol Quad Pitstop Backpack

The Torvol Quad PITSTOP Backpack easily carries 2 quads and all your FPV gear, such as goggles, transmitter, LiPo’s, tools and more to any race track.

Torvol Quad Pitstop Pro Backpack

The Torvol Quad PITSTOP Pro Backpack easily carries 4 quads and all your FPV gear, such as goggles, transmitter, LiPo’s, tools and more to any race.

Torvol Quad Strap

The Torvol quad strap is the perfect addition to your Quad PITSTOP Backpack.

Torvol Transmitter Case

The Torvol Transmitter Case is the perfect accesory to the Torvol Backpack allowing you to keep your transmitter protected.