RadioLink Mini Pixhawk

RadioLink Mini Pixhawk flight controller running ardupilot
Manufacturer: Radiolink
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The RadioLink Mini Pixhawk is a compact fully featured flight controller running Ardupilot that includes software vibration dampening. The vibration dampening can effectively filter out high frequency vibrations which improves the accuracy of the on board sensors - enabling more stable flight and improved altitude hold. The Mini Pixhawk is very compact at only 39x39x13mm and weighing only 39g.

The Mini Pixhawk features a closed case to help prevent air currents/wake disturbing the air pressure sensor during flight. This improves the altitude hold function.

The flight controller features 6CH PWM output  so can be used for multiple purposes including multirotor, Airplanes, Helicopters and model cars.

** Note the Crossflight runs custom ardupilot firmware - please see the Radiolink website for further details/downloads **

- Dimensions: 39x39x13mm

- Weight(With wires):16g
- Input Voltage: 2-12S

- Processor: STM32F405VGT6 
- Gyro: MPU6500 
- Compass: QMC5883L 
- Barometer: LPS22HB
- Onboard OSD: Yes
- 10CH PWM Output: Yes
- USB Port: Type-C
- MAVLINK Uart: 2 (without CTS/RTS)

1x RadioLink Mini Pixhawk
- Accessories (Buzzer, Power Module, Cables, Status Boards etc)