RadioLink Pixhawk

RadioLink Pixhawk V2.4.8 - Ardupilot flight controller
Manufacturer: Radiolink
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The RadioLink Pixhawk is a fully featured flight controller running Ardupilot. The Pixhawk includes a new circuit design with less interference from components. Radiolink also have an extensive software testing system to ensure that the product is very well tested and faulty units are filtered out before being distributed.

- Dimensions: 82.2x51.8x16.5mm

- Weight(With wires):38g
- Input Voltage: 2-12S
- MCU: STM32F427VIT6
- Gyro: MPU6000
- Compass: IST8310
- Barometer: MS5611
- Onboard OSD: Yes
- 10CH PWM Output: Yes
- USB Port: Type-C
- MAVLINK Uart: 2 (without CTS/RTS)
- SD Port: 1

1x RadioLink Pixhawk V2.4.8
- Accessories (Buzzer, Power Module, Cables, Status Boards etc)