RadioLink TS100 V2 M10N GPS Module

RadioLink TS100 V2 M10N GPS Module
Manufacturer: Radiolink
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The RadioLink TS100 V2 M10N GPS Module is an compact, high performance GPS module for the RadioLink flight controllers. It features excellent performance due to its pre-LNA low-loss circuit design that exactly matches the ceramic chip antennas to capture extremely weak signals even though interference.

The optimal circuit layout ensures TS100 v2.0 can seize very weak signals and input interference is effectively suppressed at the same time.

50 centimeters positioning accuracy, positioning 20 satellites in 6 seconds at open ground, and station-keeping capability even at the valley bottom.

Triple-frequency: 1561±1MHz, 1575±1MHz, 1602~1610MHz.

BD1, GPS/L1, Galileo/E1, GLONASS/G1, and quad satellite system operation at the same time are available.

The TS100 V2 also includes a built in Compass model (via I2C Port) - the VCM5883L.

- Dimensions: 32x30x12mm
- Weight (With wires):20g
- Voltage Input: 5V
- GPS Default Protocol: NMEA 38.4K Baud

1x RadioLink TS100 V2 M10N GPS Module