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Radiomaster Spares

We stock a wide variety of spares for Radiomaster transmitters including the TX16S, TX16S MAX & TX12.

HobbyRC offer fast UK delivery and cheap delivery to Europe!

** HOBBYRC is the Radiomaster UK main dealer & repair agent. Be assured these are genuine parts **

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Radiomaster TX16S Carry Case (Medium)

Radiomaster TX16S Carry Case - Medium size.

Radiomaster TX16S Folding Handle

Plastic folding handle for Radiomaster TX16S.

Radiomaster TX16S Leather Side Grips

Leather Side Grips for the Radiomaster TX16S - brown.

Radiomaster TX16S Main Board

Radiomaster TX16s Replacement Main Board.

Radiomaster TX16S Metal Roller (RLB)

Radiomaster TX16s Replacement Metal Roller Assembly.

Radiomaster TX16S Spare Buttons

Radiomaster TX16s Spare Button Assembly.

Radiomaster TX16S Spare Dial (S1 + S2)

Radiomaster TX16S Spare Dial (S1 + S2).

Radiomaster TX16s Spare Side Scroller (R1 R2)

Radiomaster TX16s Replacement R1 R2 Side Scroller

Radiomaster TX16S Spare Switch (SA + SB)

Radiomaster TX16s Replacement SA + SB Switch Assembly.

Radiomaster TX16S Spare Switch (SC + SD)

Radiomaster TX16s Replacement SC + SD Switch Assembly.

Radiomaster TX16S Spare Switch (SF + SE)

Radiomaster TX16s Replacement SF + SE Switch Assembly.

Radiomaster TX16S Spare Switch (SH + SG)

Radiomaster TX16s Replacement SH + SG Switch Assembly.