SpeedyBee 1404 4500KV Motor

SpeedyBee 1404 4500KV Motor
Manufacturer: SpeedyBee
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The SpeedyBee 1404 4500KV Motor is a compact yet powerful motor designed for FPV drones, offering exceptional performance in a small package. With a 4500KV rating, it is optimised for 3-4S voltage systems, providing a balance of speed and efficiency. The motor features a 1.5mm shaft diameter and a lightweight design, weighing just 9.6 grams including cables, making it ideal for smaller drone builds.

Engineered for durability, the motor can deliver a maximum power of 250W for up to 60 seconds, with an idle current of 8V/0.5A. The maximum current capacity stands at 14.8A, ensuring reliable power delivery during flight. 

- KV (rpm/V): 4500KV
- Shaft Diameter: φ1.5mm
- Motor Mounting Hole: M2X9,M2X5
- Rated Voltage(Lipo): 3-4S
- Max. Power (60s): 250W
- Idle Current: 8V/0.5A
- Maximum Current: 14.8A
- Insulation Materials Temperature Resistance: 240℃
- Weight (incl. Cable): 9.6 grams
- Size: φ19.3*15.6mm


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