SpeedyBee 2006 1950KV Motor

SpeedyBee 2006 1950KV Motor
Manufacturer: SpeedyBee
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The SpeedyBee 2006 1950KV Motor is a finely engineered component designed for 3.5-inch FPV drones, offering a blend of efficiency and power. With a 1950KV rating, this motor is tailored for 6S voltage systems, ensuring optimal performance during flight. The motor's stator configuration is 12N14P, providing smooth and reliable operation.

The motor features a 1.5mm shaft diameter and comes with 20# 150mm silicone wire, facilitating easy installation. It weighs 23.00g, including wires, making it a lightweight addition to any drone.

With a no-load current of 0.49A at 10V and a maximum power of 514.54W, the SpeedyBee 2006 1950KV Motor is capable of delivering robust performance. It can handle a maximum current of 21.63A.

- KV Value: 1950
- Stator Poles: 12N14P
- Shaft Diameter: 1.5mm
- Silicone Wire: 20# 150mm
- Motor Weight (including wires): 23.00g
- Phase Resistance (including wires): 133.27 mΩ
- Operating Voltage: 6S
- (1 OV) No-load Current (10V): 0.49A
- Maximum Power: 514.54 W
- Maximum Current: 21.63 A


1x SpeedyBee 2006 1950KV Motor