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STRIX Goblin FPV Plank Wing Kit

The Strix Goblin FPV wing Kit is an extremely aerodynamic and efficient design is capable of long endurance flights.
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The Strix Goblin FPV wing is an extremely aerodynamic and efficient design is capable of long endurance flights. This is for the Kit form which is just wing only - we also sell the PNP which includes all the electronics!

Introducing the STRIX Goblin! If high precision efficient flying is your goal, the Goblin is the plane of your dreams. Every aspect of this air frame was designed with aerodynamics in mind which gives it unheard of energy retention and glide ratio. Good handling and strength were also not overlooked with the excellent stall characteristics and blow molded fuselage. Add the STRIX Goblin to your hangar or car without taking up too much real estate at less than 40" of wing span.

daemon42 - "The Goblin is like a time machine. Everything I used to do in a 25 minute flight with the Skyhunter burning 10Ah, I now do in 12 minutes, burning 3Ah."


- Extremely aerodynamic and efficient design is capable of endurance flights at low amp draw.
- Blow molded fuselage has plenty of strength and room for equipment.
- High density EPO foam and square CF spars give rigidity for precision flying
- Easy to use canopy latch make changing batteries easier than ever!
- Compact design with removable, forward swept wings.


- Wingspan: 39" (1000mm)
- Fuselage length: 21" (540mm)
- Motor: STRIX Cobra 2217 2300kv (Recommended)
- Propeller: 6x4 APC (Recommended)
- Battery: 4s 3300mAh (Recommended)
- ESC: STRIX Cobra 60A (Recommended)
- Servos: Digital, Metal Gear 9g (Recommended)

Wing halves are unglued (perfect for adding LEDs)
Foam base is not glued inside of fuselage

KIT Includes:
- Goblin FPV Wing

No electronics/motors/servos included


Please keep the Goblin air speed under 200mph during dives without hinge reinforcement
Despite unfounded popular belief, the Goblin does not include STRIX Shades.

Strix Goblin