T-Motor Velox F7 SE Flight Controller

T-Motor Velox F7 SE Flight Controller
Manufacturer: T-Motor
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The TMOTOR Velox F7 SE Flight Controller includes a lot of features including wireless Bluetooth connectivity, dual BEC, support for both HD and analogue video, compatibility with up to 8 motors, PIT function, voltage selection, and a generous 128Mbit black box for recording your flights. The built-in barometer ensures precise altitude control, while the Bluetooth functionality allows for seamless parameter adjustment via your mobile phone using the Speedybee app, eliminating the need for a computer connection when you're out in the field.

This flight controller adheres to the latest Betaflight wiring standard, featuring unified socket standards that eliminate the risk of misplugging and damaging your device.

TMOTOR's second-generation power solution ensures smooth, stable flying by suppressing noise up to 90db, resulting in a low-noise, low-latency gyroscope. The Velox F7 SE also offers the convenience of voltage-selectable pads, allowing you to easily match the voltage requirements of your VTX and camera without the need for awkward wiring across the flight controller.

At the heart of the Velox F7 SE is the powerful STM32F722 MCU, coupled with an ICM-42688-P (SPI) gyroscope for precise control. The flight controller boasts 6 UARTs, a USB Type-C port and supports both AT7456E (Analogue FPV) and HD VTX compatibility. 

- Model: VELOX F7 SE
- MCU: STM32F722
- Gyroscope: ICM-42688-P(SPI)
- BEC: 5V2A & 10V1.5A
- Uarts: 6
- Bluetooth TMFC
- OSD AT7456E&HD
- Black box: 128MB
- Weight: 9g
- Size: 37.5*40*6.4mm
- Installation hole: 30.5*30.5/φ4mm
- Input voltage: 12-27V(3-6S)

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