ToolkitRC M8P 600W Multifunctional Charger

ToolkitRC M8P 600W Multifunctional Charger
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The ToolkitRC M8P is much more than just another charger! With a 600w 20A Charger at its heart, the M8P also has a servo tester, cell checker, a watt meter, PWM/PPM/Sbus input testers and output generators along with a variable voltage and amperage DC output control.


- Battery Charger
- Cell Checker
- Servo Tester
- PWM,PPM.SBUS Input/output Receiver & Flight control tester
- Viable Amp/Volt DC Power supply (Required external DC input)


- Input voltage: 7.0-35.0V @MAX 25A
- Type of battery: Lipo LiHV LiFe @1-8S
- NiMh @1-20S Pb @1-10S
- Balance current: 1000mA @2-8S
- Charge power: 600W @MAX 20A
- Discharge power: 600W @MAX 20A Recycle mode
- 20W @ 3A Normal mode
- USB: 2.1A @5.0V or Upgrade
- Dimensions: 99*72*35 mm
- Weight: 180g
- LCD: 2.4inch, 320*240 Pixel,black and white


- Charge, discharge and balance management support LiPo, LiHV,
- LiFe 1-8S,NiMh 1-20S,PB 1-12S battery.
- Charger current:MAX 20A @ 600W
- Balance current: 1000mA @ 2-8S
- Lithium battery cut-off voltage can be set (TVC function)
- Measure battery voltage, internal resistance, balance
- ESC power meter, together with output voltage and throttle signal
- Measure PWM / PPM / xBUS signal values, Accuracy 1ms
- Output PWM / PPM / xBUS standard signal, Accuracy 1ms
- Customizable 5-30V constant voltage, 1-15A constant current
- Charge the drone battery, activate and charge.
- Multi-language optional
- USB 2.1A@5.0V Output for Mobile devices


- ToolkitRC M8P Multifunctional Charger


IMPORTANT: Never charge batteries unattended! Constant supervision is required as batteries can be dangerous when mishandled. We recommend charging your batteries inside a protective charging bag.