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Ummagrip Lite Super Sticky Battery Pad (Blue)

Never let your batteries down again with the Ummagrip Lite Sticky Battery Pad!
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How do you make the best battery pad in the world even better? You make it lighter, transparent, and... blue (because why not). So that's exactly what we did. 

This is Ummagrip Lite. All of the Ummagrip sticky, grippy, goodness, with half the calories... I mean weight. It's now thinner and lighter to fit those micro builds, or add grippy-ness to flat plate that doesn't require getting around screw heads. 

For you racers and weight weenies, this is how you keep your batteries in place without the added bulk. And lets not forget... it's transparent blue!


- Brand: Ummagawd
- Item name: Lite Super Sticky Battery Pad (Blue)
- Size: 100*50*1.5mm


- 1x Ummagrip Lite Super Sticky Battery Pad (Blue)