VolantexRC F-16 Falcon 400mm Plane

VolantexRC F-16 Falcon 400mm Plane - Available in RTF or PNP versions
Manufacturer: Volantex RC


The VolantexRC F-16 Falcon 400mm model plane is a great, easy to fly model plane with inbuilt 6 axis gyro stabiliser thats suitable for beginners and advanced pilots alike!  The F-16 includes a silicone nose helping to prevent nose damage and to keep the plane lighter. The built in gyro allows for great sport performance and one key aerobatic stunt as well as one key return (plane turns around in the sky).

3-level flight control assists: Beginner level with full assist; Intermediate with partial assist; Expert for manual control, which help you learn to fly step by step. In the beginner mode, the gyro system helps flying stably even in windy weather. 

The VolantexRC F-16 is available in two versions. RTF which includes everything needed to get flying - model, transmitter, USB charger and one battery and the PNP version which is just the model only, ideal for a cheap replacement without needing to buy the full RTF kit again.

VolantexRC models are compatible with the Radiomaster TX16S.

** We have had a few people break the nose on this model in crashes - this is mainly due to the slightly higher speed this model flys at. We would recommend being very careful when landing to be sure you don't hit the ground nose first. Crashes aren't covered by warranty - see note below **

- EASY TO CONTROL WITH ONE KEY FUNCTION - Simply press one button and pull the stick to control easily the airplane do aerobatic flying. Xpilot stabilization system ultra stable self stabilization of gyro system.
- BEGINNERS' FIRST RC AIRPLANE TRAINER - 3-level flight control assists(Beginner level with full assist/ Intermediate with partial assist/ Expert for manual control) help beginners learn to fly step by step.
- GREAT AIRPLANE FOR OUTDOOR ADVENTURE - 2.4Ghz Radio Control distance of 656 ft, the strong anti-interference capability allows to hold a small flight club party between you and your friends.
- LONGER FLYING - The gear box system provides more thrust and power to increase speed, and more efficient to save battery's power, allowing the plane to fly a long time , upto 15 minutes.
- FULLY ASSEMBLED READY TO FLY - The RTF version includes everything needed to get the model started, only needing 4x AA batteries for the transmitter.


- Length: 13.23"
- Wingspan / Width: 10.24"
- Flying/Running Weight: 0.1lbs
- Material: EPP
- Motor: 10mm coreless motor
- Servo: 2-g servo (4-CH)
- Flying Time: ~15 Minutes
- Experience Level: Beginner+

Available Versions (See below for purchase options):

PNP Version:
- Foam model only

RTF Version  (As KIT version):
-  4 Channel Transmitter
- USB Battery Charger
- 1x Battery 3.7v 400mah LiPo

- 1x VolantexRC F-16 Falcon 400mm (See below for versions available)

** Usage Warning: Please note that this is not a toy and should not be used by a child without suitable adult supervision due to the high speed prop which might cause injury. The product includes a LiPo battery which will require safe handling/charging and should be regularly topped up when the model is not in use. **

** Warranty Exclusion: Warranty on these models is D.O.A. only as the model is trivial to break and does not include any faults that develop during usage, crashes or otherwise. Once you receive the model please carefully test the model on the ground to ensure everything functions BEFORE your first flight as warranty will not be provided beyond that point. The battery will lose capacity over time and has zero warranty **

Picture of VolantexRC F-16 Falcon 400mm (RTF)
VolantexRC F-16 Falcon 400mm (RTF)
VolantexRC F-16 Falcon 400mm - RTF Version. Includes model, USB charger, 1x battery and transmitter.
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Picture of VolantexRC F-16 Falcon 400mm (PNP)
VolantexRC F-16 Falcon 400mm (PNP)
VolantexRC F-16 Falcon 400mm - PNP Version. Foam Model only.
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