ZOHD LIONPACK 10000mAh 4S Li-ion Battery (XT60)

ZOHD LIONPACK 10000mAh 4S Li-ion Battery (XT60) for long range, low current draw applications.
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The ZOHD LIONPACK 10000mAh 4S Li-ion Battery is a high quality Li-ion battery pack made using Panasonic 21700T cells. It features a rating of 20A maximum discharge rating. The battery is fitted with an XT60 connector and XH2.54 (5 pin) balance connector. The pack is in 4S2P format.

This ZOHD battery is 4S rated and is suitable for low current, long range type vehicles such as their foam models.

** IMPORTANT INFO - These batteries are NOT suited to high current draw applications like 5" racing quads as you will destroy the cells. Keep in mind the discharge rating is 20A and not 100C+ like a LiPo. Its designed for low current draw applications such as single motor ultra light weight long range FPV planes. The achievable discharge capacity will also vary dramatically depending on the discharge rate. At 20A you will not get anything like 10000mAh. The only way to achieve 10000mAh is to discharge at a VERY low rate over a long period of time and to a lower then normal voltage. If you have questions about this type of battery chemistry then please call us BEFORE ordering. **

** WARRANTY - These packs are trivial to destroy by pulling more then 2C out of them as such the warranty is even more stringent then our normal DOA warranty. The warranty on these packs is cell voltages only (i.e to cover dead cells on arrival) and you must notify us within 24hrs of receipt **


- Original brand-new Panasonic 21700 high quality cells.
- ZOHD Lionpack batteries can be charged from empty or nearly full without damaging the pack. ZOHD Lionpack - batteries can be charged over 350 times and still store 85% of its original capacity.
- High quality fireproof heat shrink outer skin.
- Double heat shrink over XT terminals for extra protection.
- Compact size.
- Light weight
- Ideal power solution for all low current draw RC models inc boats et
- Extra balance charge protector, don’t kill your charging wires!
- Extra RED/GREEN XT30/60 Protector, protect your connector and show you the energy status at any time... basic
but very useful.
- Extra ZOHD battery strap and Velcro to keep those batteries in place.


- Model: ZOHD 10000mAh 4S 20A Li-ion Battery with XT60 and XH2.54 (5 pin) balance connector
- Weight: ~593g +-5%
- Dimensions: ~43x43x145mm (without wires and connectors)
- Connector Type: XT60 and XH2.54 (5 pin) balance connector
- Cells: 4S 2P / 14.4V (Li-ion) - (Tolerant of 4.2V/Cell fully charged voltages).
- Rating: 20A Maximum Discharge


Warranty Exclusion: Please note that as batteries are "consumables" we only provide dead on arrival warranty. The maximum capacity of all rechargeable batteries fades with time depending on application and usage patterns. This is considered normal - therefore, a change in battery capacity is not covered under warranty. Battery life is not warranted and will vary depending on usage.

IMPORTANT: Never charge batteries unattended or near anything flammable! Constant supervision is required as batteries can be dangerous when mishandled. Please take LiPo battery safety seriously, please see our safety sheet