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Panasonic 1000uF 35V FM Ultra Low ESR Capacitor

This Panasonic 1000uF Ultra Low ESR 35V electrolytic capacitor is ideally suited to 6S voltages, used as a main filtering capacitor where power enters your quad (PDB or 4in1).
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The Panasonic FM series capacitor are type A, radial leaded polarized aluminium electrolytic capacitor. The capacitance value ranges from 22µF to 6800µF. These capacitors are perfect solution for applications, which require ultra low ESR, very high ripple current and very long life in small mounting form.

This capacitor is ideally suited to 6S voltages. The 1000uF, due to its larger size is used as a filtering capacitor where power enters your quad. e.g Where XT60 pigtail is soldered onto your 4in1 or PDB..They are physically larger than the 4S ones we sell, so if you aren't using 6S then consider those instead.

** Make sure to observe the polarity on the capacitor when connecting up and don't use a higher voltage than specified **


- Capacitance: 1000µF

- Voltage Rating: 35V (6S max)
- Product Range: Panasonic FM Series
- Capacitance Tolerance: ± 20%
- Diameter: 12.5mm
- Lead Spacing: 5mm
- Height: 25mm (excluding legs)

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