BetaFPV SuperG Nano TX 2.4GHz ELRS Gemini Module

BetaFPV SuperG Nano TX 2.4GHz ELRS Gemini Module
Manufacturer: BetaFPV
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The BetaFPV SuperG Nano TX 2.4GHz ELRS Gemini Module is one of the first modules that supports dual frequency diversity transmission - both at 1W output. The module is nano sized but a full size JR adapter is shipped with the product so that it can be used in normal sized radios too. With dual 1W transmit power, it excels in anti-interference performance and stability, making it the ideal solution for demanding applications like FPV racing, long-range flight, and professional photography.

- Introducing the pioneering Gemini Dual-Frequency Diversity Transmitter, propelling ELRS into the era of dual-frequency capabilities.
- Dual 1W transmit power experienced amplified signal strength, expanded transmission distances, and a substantial increase in remote control range.
- In conjunction with existing true diversity receivers, activating the Gemini mode ensures unwavering signal stability even in the most intricate radio environments.
- Meticulously crafted from CNC aluminum alloy, the transmitter casing facilitates efficient thermal conductivity, complemented by an intelligently designed Heatsink system for optimal heat dissipation.
- Featuring 2 customizable buttons and 1 USB port, the transmitter accommodates external power sources, enabling steadfast long-range expeditions.

- Item: BETAFPV SuperG Nano Transmitter Module | ELRS 2.4G
- Weight: 44.8g
- Color: Black
- Antenna Connector: 2* RP-SMA
- RF Power: 25mw/50mW/100mW/250mW/500mW/1000mW
- Packet Rate: 50Hz/100Hz/150Hz/250Hz/333Hz/500Hz/D250/D500/F500/F1000
- Frequency Band: 2.4GHz ISM
- Backpack: support
- Input Voltage: 7V~13V DC 
- Rated Current: 8V,1000mA@1000mW, 1:128, Gemini mode
- USB Port: Type-C
- Fan Voltage: 5V
- Default Firmware Version: ExpressLRS V3.3.0
- Target Name: BETAFPV SuperG Nano 2.4GHz TX


- 1x BetaFPV SuperG Nano TX 2.4GHz ELRS Gemini Module
- Accessories (Antennas, JR Bay adapter etc)