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Fat Shark

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Fat Shark 12cm mipi Camera Cable

Longer 12CM mipi cable for the Runcam HD Nano Byte Shark camera.

Fat Shark 18650 Battery Case

7.4V nominal voltage for use with existing Fat Shark goggles and fits into head strap like standard Fat Shark battery packs. Large capacity when used with high capacity cells (batteries not included).Batteries should be removed and charged via a dedicated 18650 style charger.

Fat Shark Attitude V6 FPV Goggles

The Fat Shark Attitude V6 FPV goggles have high definition 1280 x 960 and integrated diversity analogue receiver.

Fat Shark Goggles Diopter Lens Set

All headset models have a slot molded into the shell in front of the lens that allows for a diopter lens to be inserted for near sighted users.

Fat Shark HDO 2 OLED FPV Goggles

The Fat Shark Dominator HDO2 headset launches as the successor to the much-loved Dominator HDO

Fat Shark Recon V3 FPV Goggles

The Fat Shark Recon V3 goggles are a simple, affordable entry to FPV.

Fat Shark Replacement Strap

Official replacement head strap for Fat Shark goggles.

Fat Shark Scout FPV Goggles

Fat Shark Scout FPV goggles are the latest box style goggles with a large FOV screen and integrated DVR.

Fat Shark Shark Byte Receiver (RX5.1)

Fat Shark's Shark Byte digital HD receiver is a compact goggle mounted module with integrated DVR and directional antenna.

Fat Shark Shark Byte VTX (TX5M.1)

The Fat Shark Shark Byte TX5M.1 is a high transmission (500mW)VTX for the Shark Byte system.

Fat Shark Shark Byte VTX (TX5S.1)

The Fat Shark Shark Byte TX5S.1 is the smallest transmitter in the Shark Byte family designed specifically for the micro quad market.

Fat Shark Ultimate Fit Kit Foam

The Ultimate Fit Kit for the Fat Shark Dominator and Attitude series of goggles has everything needed for long term fit and comfort.

Fat Shark Ultimate Fit Kit For HDO2

The Ultimate Fit Kit for the HDO2 goggles.

Fat Shark USB Charging 1800mAh 7.4v Headset Battery

The Fat Shark 1800mAh battery pack with added USB charging support for Fat Shark goggles. Add capacity by charging the smart battery through the traditional barrel jack (no balance lead required) or via a micro USB cable.

Runcam Nano HD Camera (Shark Byte)

The Runcam Nano HD camera for Shark Byte delivery 720p HD video.